I mentioned my disappointment earlier that the new Buzzfeed Books section would be negative review free here, and how if I weren't a total technological numpty, I would do my own site.


If I were to do so, who would be interested in reading it and who would be interested in writing for it?


It wouldn't be a copycat of Buzzfeed. It would be something with the irreverence and joyful silliness of Buzzfeed but also with a more serious and analytical edge. Something where you could get news, views, reviews, lists, and the like, something akin to Flavorwire but with an exclusively literary focus. A site dedicated to the literature of the world, both originally in English and translated, and a dedication to full diversity in terms of gender, sexuality, race, class, ability, and so on. A place where solid criticism is encouraged as much as enthusiastic praise. 


I may just be talking out of my arse right now but I'm putting the word out there. Anyone interested?