Bibliodaze Post: On “Bad Women” In Gone Girl and The Silent Wife

In the world of television, male anti-heroes dominate the genre of prestige. From Tony Soprano to Don Draper to Walter White, there’s a certain narrative centred on the male protagonist that seems to gather critical and viewer acclaim by the boatload, although many have also argued that the above examples are all more villains than anti-heroes. The ever increasing popularity of Game of Thrones is also testament to that, and it must be emphasised how creatively and commercially risky it remains to have an ensemble piece populated with characters that toe the line between our standard definitions of good and bad. We like our defined boundaries, more so when it comes to women. Can you name as many female anti-heroes in film, TV and literature as you can male? Do they receive the same kind of support or condemnation that their male counterparts do?


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