Bibliodaze Post: Things YA Readers Are Sick of Hearing & How To Respond.

"A significant portion of YA readers in the current publishing market are adults. This is nothing new. Adults have been reading and enjoying children’s & young adult literature for many decades now, from CS Lewis to Roald Dahl and beyond. Yet, from the Twilight boom onwards, the number of think-pieces, columnist opinions and generalised pearl clutching has dramatically increased, but it seems as if the same few questions are being asked over and over again with the same vague platitudes repeated and dismissals of the category’s readers spouted with regularity. Sometimes it feels as if we should just hand out little cue cards to journalists who come around every few months, usually when a big screen adaptation like Divergent is upcoming, and ask the same stuff over and over again. But never fear, I am here to prepare you all for such occasions!"


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