Bibliodaze Post: PL Travers, Happy Endings and the Neutering of Difficult Women.

"What the film [Saving Mr Banks] does is neutralise Travers. It defangs her, removes all the prickly edges and leaves behind the bare bones of a woman who is “fixed” by a smiling man who clearly knows best. The pain of seeing one’s lifeblood, one’s creative output, changed beyond recognition despite reassurances that it wouldn’t happen is seen as a mere inconvenience that’s quickly solved because good old Walt Disney helped Travers deal with her daddy issues. Travers is a project to be fixed, a figure seen as far more in need of saving than Mr Banks, and of course, the noted racist, sexist, union crushing studio executive is the man to do it."


I'm honestly rather proud of this post and would love it if you read it.