Call for Website Contributors Confirmation!

I know I've been annoying you all with this and many of you have said more than once that you'd like to get involved but I'd just like to be 100% sure.


We hope to have up and running by February 2014. To do that, we need contributors who love books, writing and sharing ideas. We need people for reviews, posts, lists, analyses and the like for the following:


* YA/NA/children's fiction.

* Literary & best-selling fiction.

* The Writers' Section.

* Non-fiction.

*Genre (crime, sci-fi, fantasy, romance).


We are also still open to further suggestions for section ideas. We hope to expand in the future to include poetry and comic books, as well as to expand the genre section to give each of the included their own space.


Interested? Leave a message below with what you'd like to do and I'll message you to get your details. We really can't do this without you!