Yes, I am using you all for market research...

As I mentioned before, I'm looking into starting a website that's part Buzzfeed, part Flavorwire and all literary, a mix of serious and irreverent with news, views, reviews, analysis and lovely lists, all centred on the world of books. I'm still looking for people who may be interested in contributing somehow (see here) but I'm also doing some initial planning.


What kind of things would you like to see in a book site? Some ideas I have.


* A news section for publisher updates, big deals, release dates, movie adaptation news, big literary awards, and so on.


* Reviews, both long and short, with bite sized 300 or so word ones for on the go reading. 


* An aggregate system for books, Rotten Tomatoes style, focusing mainly on the big and most hotly anticipated releases that get the big reviews. 


* A writer's section, for discussion of writing, submitting, editing, etc, with contributions from experts in the business, and a look into the trends of the current publishing circles.


* Sections on YA/NA/children's literature, big best-sellers, the more literary stuff, international/translated fiction, genre (starting out small but branching out once we get on our feet), non-fiction and maybe poetry at some point. 


That's a few of the ideas, and it's all very ambitious and way over my head, to be honest. What do you want to see in a site like this? What would entice you to browse for hours?