The Book Lantern - “May the Profits Be Ever in Your Pockets”: How Promo for “The Hunger Games” Misses The Point.

"When studios take a product that comes with a strong and large built in fan-base as well as crossover appeal, the challenge is to figure out a way to capitalise on that perfect storm. There’s a way to do it. A Harry Potter theme park is genius because it allows the fan to be part of a world that people actually want to be a part of.

This was not the way to do it.
This is like promoting “Up” with adverts for a chain of funeral homes, or doing special deals on sushi to promote “Finding Nemo”. It’s the kind of cynical heartlessness and stupidity that even Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce would drown their sorrows over."
Come to The Book Lantern to check out my continuing bemusement that anyone thought it would be a good idea to promote a film called "The Hunger Games" with a Subway tie-in! 
And now, some Mad Men gifs to illustrate my feelings.
Mad Men photo pete-campbell-punch_zpsa67477b1.gif