The Book Lantern: Wrecking Ball Feminism.

"Feminism itself isn't an amoeba. It evolves, it's not made up of one united movement and it hasn't always done good. Look at the classism, transphobia, racism and shaming that still prevails in modern discourse. If you claim to be a feminist yet see nothing wrong with disparaging women like Cyrus for calling themselves as such while praising Joss Whedon's mansplaining derailing of so-called 'genderism' then you're a far bigger problem than a pop star licking a hammer."


For the first time, all four ladies of The Book Lantern join forces to talk Miley Cyrus, slut-shaming, racial appropriation, the VMAs, the worryingly exclusive nature of modern feminism and why we should stop treating child stars as if they owe us something.


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