The Book Lantern: "My Inner Producer is Facepalming" - Can the 50 Shades Movie Succeed?

"I think many actors, understandably so, fear the possibility of a "Showgirls" style backlash. Actually, the most accurate comparison to make here would be with the film adaptation of "Exit to Eden". There you have an Anne Rice erotica turned into a buddy cop movie with Rosie O'Donnell & Dan Ackroyd. Seriously. Actually that movie fascinates me for a number of reasons. I don't think E.L. James will allow anything like that to happen here but this is not the kind of project that screams star-maker for actors looking to further their profiles. It's too much of a national punchline for that. 

I am less optimistic about a flop than yourself, my dear friend. That's for a number of reasons.
One, it's a relatively low budget movie so recouping costs will be easier than say, "John Carter". It depends on how much they spend on marketing too.
Second, E.L. James made $95m last year. People bought those books and many of them liked it. Even if we assume that a big chunk of those purchases were from curious readers looking to understand the phenomenon, or even a few hate readers, that's still a big fanbase to contend with."
Christina & I shoot the shit on the 50 Shades movie, its chances of success and then post a picture of topless Charlie Hunnam. Because we can. Read, comment, share your thoughts!