Clichés Explained Part Three: Welcome to the Club.

"The instant conflict created in the narrative by such divisions amongst the world’s citizens can be an excellent storytelling device. It can also be an incredibly lazy one. I come back to “Divergent” here because honestly, I have no idea how anyone can read that book, look at the factions and think “Sure, make sense”. Separating people based on one vague character trait, from selflessness to honesty to bravery? Leaving those who fail initiation into such a system to fester on the streets with no help whatsoever? Declaring that those who possess more than one of the five character traits to be dangerous divergent dissidents? And Chicago managed to survive with this system? It boggles my mind.


This is one of the big faults with the sorting system for me; it assumes that we as human beings are as simple as the authors decide we should be. Even the most two dimensional character doesn’t fit into such a small box."


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