The God of Carnage

The God of Carnage: A Play (Ff Plays) - Yasmina Reza I'm going to sound like such a snob but this play left me so unsatisfied. It felt like Albee-lite, with no real purpose or resolution to the unfolding chaos. The characters never evolved beyond their established archetypes and the stereotypical markers of power and gender (men are brutes and like war! Women are bitches!) didn't evolve to give us any deeper insight other than "Adults can be so childish." I imagine it would be very entertaining to see performed, and I must keep in mind how different an experience it is to read a play in comparison to watching one (this is also a translated play), but why briefly raise topics such as the inherent narcissism of the bourgeois and the universality of anger and war if you're not going to do anything with them?