'Art' - Yasmina Reza, Christopher Hampton I think I'll just have to accept that Yasmina Reza isn't for me. Like The God of Carnage, I found "Art" to be an ultimately unsatisfying play. There was a lot of sound and fury that came to a rushed conclusion that resolved little of the chaos that makes up the play. Many of the ideas and conflicts presented feel half-baked and pointless, although it's easy to imagine them being entertaining when performed with a talented cast, as this play was on Broadway (which I think accounts for its Best Play Tony win, if I fancy being presumptuous, and I do.) The farce feels rather tired and the character interactions like Albee-lite. As always, it's unfair to judge a play solely on its text, and even more so when the text is in translated form, but as it stands, "Art" left me hollow.