The Boss (The Boss, #1) - Abigail Barnette I really really liked this.It's choppily paced since it started life as a serialised story and I'm not too keen on the ending due to this, but otherwise it was great fun to read. It's essentially Abigail Barnette/Jennifer Armintrout going "Hey, EL James. You think you know shit about erotica and BDSM? Think again, sweetie". It's full of knowing winks, genuine humour, characters you don't want to punch in the face, sexy sex and consent! The last one shouldn't be as big a deal as it is but there you go. Neil and Sophie actually discuss the things they're comfortable with in their relationship, she's as into it as he is and there's no deep seated emotional angsty back story explanation to justify why the love interest likes it kinky. He just does. After the painful success of 50 Shades, you have no idea how refreshing it is to just see this done well. Check it out. I got it for free when Armintrout was giving it away but it's worth your money.