The Lipstick Laws

The Lipstick Laws - Amy Holder Total DNF for me. I think this is my first ever DNF too.It was just so tired and cliched. The characters weren't so much cardboard cut outs as strange archetypes constructed from tissue paper. The story was cliched, the set up overtly familiar, the teen speak often cringeworthy and the archetypal high school teenagers tired and boring.It was trying so hard to be Mean Girls and failed miserably. Tina Fey's movie works well, even though it's a derivative set up, because it's smart. Regina George isn't stupid (unlike the queen bee in this book, Britney - yes, she's called Britney - who is extremely stupid to the point where you wonder how she functions at all), plus she's subtle. She doesn't scream like a banshee or just insult people to their faces with terms as worn out and overused as old shoe leather; she's subtle and plays the game well. All the humour, wit and non-condescending attitudes that Mean Girls gave the high school queen bee comedy are used to painfully bad effect in The Lipstick Laws. I did not care at all about the supposed plight of the heroine; there was no need for her to put up with any of the BS and her reasons for doing so were ridiculous, even by the standards of trashy high school comedies. The story just made teenagers look stupid and only good for our mockery. If you've ever seen a 1990s high school movie, you've read this book and probably gotten more enjoyment from it.