Fallen (Lauren Kate's Fallen Series #1)

Fallen - Lauren Kate This entire book was built on lazy conveniences, very well worn plot devices, characters I just wanted to go away or be stabbed by the baddies and the most poorly constructed love triangle since a Mary Sue met a sparkly boy and a long haired wolf. Any glimmers of potential were quickly swatted away in favour of the same old bilge told in the most boring and lazy manner possible. While it wasn’t as horrifically bad as “Hush, Hush” (not getting thrown against a wall is the new comparison of awfulness in this project), I’d read all this before and could easily guess exactly what was going to happen about 350 pages before it all did. Twilight fans will love this because it’s taken so obviously from the Twilight template that I can still see the glitter. The love story was not a love story – love is about mutual respect, getting to know one another, having a good time and feeling safe together. What we get in “Fallen” is the get-out-of-story-free card of having the past life device fill in for development. If you take out that stupid part, all you’re left with is a jerky boy and a shallow girl who mope around like the insipid teenagers that they are. If angels are the new vampires, I thank God I’m an atheist.