Marked (House of Night Series #1)

Marked (House of Night Series #1) - There was something addictive about this book in the same way car crashes and bad TV shows are addictive; it was terribly written in the most clichéd teen speak manner possible so it definitely hurt to read in places, the lack of originality in the plotting weighed down the potential the mythos had (which I can’t help but find pretty unique and interesting) and the characters ranged from bitchy antagonists we’ve seen done a million times before in better books and films, token friends with no real traits other than their tokenism, vapid love interests with nice hair and the vapid, slut shaming Mary Sue to end all Mary Sues. I know these books are marketed to the Twilight crowd but if the publishers were being honest, they’d bill them as Anita Blake for teenagers. At least shit actually happens and if you don’t take it seriously – which isn’t hard to do – it’s sort of campy fun but it’s certainly bad campy fun.