The Dark Divine

The Dark Divine - Bree Despain I felt that this was a book that did not need to be a paranormal romance. I thought the main topics of interest in the story came from the religious aspect and the idea of dark secrets in a family who are looked upon as truly divine. The love subplot and werewolf bits felt forced compared to the rest of the story, which wasn't brilliantly written, but certainly kept my interest for longer. The love plot was samey and nothing I've not read before in much better, more original books.I was disappointed that the book's heroine fell into so many of the pothols associated with paranormal YA heroines - she had a lot of interesting traits, certainly more than many other heroines, but they all seemed to be shoved aside the moment the love story came into it. She was also prone to making daft decisions and jumping to stupid conclusions. Daniel was okay but as I said earlier, I was just much more interested in other characters, especially Jude. Take away the paranormal element and write the story as a struggle to be righteous when you're anything but and I think that story would be much more interesting.