“Completely Ignorant Of All Things Woman”: On Andrew Smith & The Othering Of Our Gender

If you see the anger of those women as a bigger affront than Smith’s comments then you’re the one with the problem. Allyship is not conditional on the perceived politeness of the oppressed. You don’t just relinquish your support of marginalised groups because you felt like they’d been a bit mean to you. If you want cookies then go to a bakery. The increasing toxicity of online discourse, particularly pertaining to issues of misogyny, has made it a veritable minefield to navigate. Many decide not to write about such things at all because they know they’ll be attacked viciously for it (we probably will too). A lot of women will probably be ‘punished’ more for this than Smith will be for making the sexist comments in the first place. It doesn’t take much to earn the ire of misogynists. Existing is all it takes to set them off.