Bibliodaze news for 2015...

Hi everyone!


So our lovely site Bibliodaze has been live since February and will be celebrating its 1st birthday on the 8th of the month next year. We're delighted and humbled by the love and support we've received since we started it and are amazed by the response. We've had Vox Day's supporters spam our comments section, we've become a commonly linked to reference point for why James Frey sucks, and we've been linked to by the Telegraph, Huffington Post & LA Times! Not bad, eh?


As such, we're hoping to keep going strong over the next 12 months with expansions, improvements and so on. 


We really want to hear your suggestions, tips and ideas you think we should be implementing. We're considering a fortnightly newsletter and maybe even a podcast in the future - would anyone be interested? 


We're also looking to recruit more contributors to the site - if you're keen to get on board with us and can promise at least one post a week (review, discussion, rant, we don't mind) then drop us a message!