Podcast News!

Good news everyone!


Many of you know I co-host a podcast called Anglo-Filles, part of the Made Of Fail family. Our parental podcast is about to go through some exciting changes.


Starting soon, Made of Fail will be hosted by Emily Whitten (semi-professional nerd who writes for ComicMix, co-founded the North American Discworld Convention and roleplays as Deadpool) and Cleolinda Jones (author of Movies In 15 Minutes, chief Sparkle Correspondent in the world of Twilight recaps and the best Hannibal recapper on the internet)! 


We at Anglo-Filles are very excited but also sad to see the end of an era with Made of Fail. We love Kevin, Dayna and George and hope the Next Generation brings with it much fun. 


But Anglo-Filles still has dibs on Hannibal stuff first.